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Whats my best feature??

Name: Nikki
Age: 15 ill be 16 on August 13th. ^_^
Location: Melbourne, FL
Hobbies: I'm in marching band so thats like the only hobby i have cause it occupies me and takes up a lot of time.
Favorite Movies: Coyote Ugly, Dirty Dancing, A walk to Remember.
Favorite Music:I listen to anything from Country to Rock to Rap. I like all kinds of music is rap.
An interesting fact about yourself: I have a bellybutton Ring. Ohhhhhh and im obsessed with rubber duckies and butts. Weird obsessions i know but i can't help it. Lol
Happy Reading. ^_^

im on the left.
I truely despise this pic but oh well.
yet again im on the left.
on the left lol.

thank you. <3
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