Samantha (false_h0pe_x) wrote in bestfeature,

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Name: Samantha
Age: 15
Location: Scotch plains, new jersey
Hobbies: hanging out with friends, movies, shopping, swimming, reading + clothes =)
Favorite Movies: a walk to remember, grind, 13 going on 30, finding nemo, grease, the butterfly effect
Favorite Music: i listen to basically anything, but i like yellowcard, brand new, finch, ashlee simpson, all american rejects, trapt + many others
An interesting fact about yourself: i've never been out of the united states, the farthest i've gone was florida...oh and i live right next to a farm =)

and now for the pictures

i'm on the right..

yeah, my hair's pretty messed up in this, but i was on a boat =)

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Your skin is awesome!!
hah, thanks. i've never heard that one before
you have a really pretty smile :)